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Is the focus of a leader on what they are doing or what they are trying to get other people to do? I think it is more the former if we are talking true valuable leadership. When we lead it is more about what we want to achieve and as long as what we want to achieve isn’t caught up with ego and is about making a better reality for our community then true leadership will follow.

We need to be able to combine an external motivation for others with a clear understanding of our internal abilities, then true leadership can follow.  If we start to let what we want others to accomplish, then less valuable things will happen.

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  1. on 20 Jul 2009 at 10:32 am Mr WordPress

    When is leadership about the leader more than those they lead?
    When we think about leaders, true valuable leaders, I think they lead more by an outcome of what they want to achieve. Not so much what they are wanting to lead others to do.
    If you think more about what you want to achieve and your capacity to achieve it. Being aware of your self constraints and values, you will provide positive leadership.

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